Library Gift


The Greenville Library Board of Trustees met in special session this week to receive the good news that the library has been named a beneficiary in the Nancy Floyd Law estate.

Mike Westbrooks, library director, said it is anticipated the library will be receiving approximately $1 million. He noted it will take several months for the final dissolution of the estate.

Westbrooks said the gift will provide a legacy to help ensure that the library can operate at a high level and to take care of the 105 year old building.

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Nancy Floyd Law grew up in Greenville. Her father was a well-known dentist, who also farmed and had orchards.

In her latter years, Mrs. Law would visit Greenville to conduct business in the community. Periodically, she would stop by the Greenville Public Library. She lived in Tucson, Arizona and passed away on February 13th of this year.

Westbrooks said the library board was overwhelmed by the gracious gift from Mrs. Law.