Provines Retires From FNB Parent Board

First Vandalia Corp. Board of Directors Chairman Todd Shulman presenting a commemorative rocker to Wynn Provines upon his retirement as a Director.

R. Wynn Provines retired as a Director on the board of First Vandalia Corp., parent company of The First National Bank, effective March 31st of this year. A rural Vandalia farmer, Provines became a member of the board in 1987.

Looking back on his tenure as a Director, Provines said highlights included the bank’s growth from one location to seven and the substantial increase in assets from $66 million to over $318 million. Provines commented, “Right after I joined the board, Ray Radliff became our president and CEO. He took a sound bank and led it into the modern era by introducing a teamwork concept that has continued under Ernie Chappel and Mike Radliff.”

Provines praised the culture at The First National Bank, “I’ve been very impressed with the dedication of personnel and management towards our community from day one.”

Todd Shulman, Board Chairman, thanked the retiring director, “Wynn’s farming knowledge and experience has made him a valuable resource to The First National Bank and his fellow directors. We wish him all the best.”

A graduate of Vandalia High School, Provines received his business degree from Eastern Illinois University. As a career farmer he has served on the University of Illinois Extension and 4-H Councils. He also owns and operates Provideas LLC which manufactures OneWrench, one of his several agriculture related patents. He and his wife Sarah will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this fall. His family includes his son Michael, a physician in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and his daughter Whitney Campbell, teacher at Brownstown Elementary School. Her husband John is manager of Provines Farms, Inc. Wynn enjoys his grandchildren, reading, yoga, hiking, and traveling with his wife in their camper.

Chartered in 1865, The First National Bank has seven facilities in Vandalia, Ramsey, Patoka, Mulberry Grove and Greenville.