Students Drive Sorento Internet Upgrade

A representative of Frontier Communications addresses Sorento students.

Sixth grade students at Sorento School have had a big impact on their school and community.

At Monday night’s meeting of the Bond County Community Unit 2 school board in Sorento, the students told their story.

The problem they confronted at school was limited access to the Internet through the company Frontier Communications.

Sixth Grade Teacher Kristy Tipsword told WGEL she was trying to get kids online to do some internet-based learning. When they had trouble, they channeled their frustration in a positive, learning direction, and wrote letters to the company.

She wasn’t sure they’d hear anything back, but within a few weeks, they received a response.

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Tipsword said the students were happy to hear back from the company. They also got a surprise visitor, a representative of the company who came to the school to talk with the kids.

The rep told Tipsword the company had no plans to upgrade the service, but the kids “softened the heart of the President & CEO out on the East Coast.”

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The improvements to Internet service are expected to be done this summer.