Unit 2 Health-Life Safety Plan

Last Monday night, the Bond County Community Unit 2 board of education received a report on the required health-life safety 10-year plan.

Steve Oliver, from BLDD Architects, presented the firm’s review of the district’s facilities. The school board approved the plan, which will be submitted to the state for review and approval

The plan breaks down building projects into three categories: items needing to be done within a year, projects that must be completed in five years, and projects recommended, but not required to be done.

The Illinois State Board of Education must approve items in the categories before Unit 2 can use health-life safety tax funds to pay for them.

The cost estimate for the items needing to be done in a year is $111,000. The five year list includes an estimated $600,000 in projects. The recommended but not required projects total about $140,000.

Unit 2 Superintendent Wes Olson commented about the plan.

The superintendent said the school board would like to eventually have a long-term facilities plan.

The health-life safety projects needed to be done within a year include work at each Unit 2 attendance center.

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