City Trash Contract

An early example of the trash containers to be provided by Doty Sanitation. The ones that will be given to Greenville residents will be brown in color.

Sometime this summer, trash in the City of Greenville will begin being picked up using an automated truck.

Tuesday night, the Greenville City Council met in special session and approved a new contract with Doty Sanitation using a fully automated system. The motion to approve the automated system passed 3 to 2. John Gillard, Mike Heath and Roger Sanders approved the motion. Mayor Alan Gaffner and Jess Adam voted “no.”

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey said the biggest change is automation; rather than a person who gets off the truck and picks up trash, a mechanical arm will pick up the trash can and dump it into the truck.

The other difference is that Doty Sanitation will provide all containers for both trash and recyclables.

The procedure for picking up recycling will remain unchanged.

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Residents will have to decide if they want a 96-gallon or 64-gallon tote.

The current trash/recycling pickup prices are $12 per month for residents and $10.75 per month for senior citizens.

The new five-year contract sets the price for regular pickup at $14.78 per month, an increase of $2.78. The senior citizen price is the same.

The city manager said before the automated system begins, information will be provided to residents about the use of it.

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Trash and recyclables will continue to be picked up once a week. Since Doty is furnishing totes, residents will not be allowed to use their own trash containers, however Doty will continue to pick up single trash bags put along the curb by the elderly.