Giving Doll Update

Nyla Strole (center) and Margaret Potts (right) donate Giving Dolls to Greenville Police Chief Lou Lorton

Members of the local chapter of the Giving Doll program have been very busy since the group was formed in October of 2014

The group makes boys and girls dolls to be given to children who face crisis situations.

Margaret Potts told WGEL the group, which currently has about 20 members, has made and given away over 500 dolls.

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No two dolls look alike. Potts said the chapter has been very successful due to the dedication of its members.

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The chapter recently gave dolls to the Greenville Police Department. They will be kept in squad cars to give to children in emergency situations. Potts said the group’s dolls have been sent all over the world.

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The chapter also gave a doll to the young girl from Nashville who survived an airplane crash which killed members of her family. The group meets the first and third Monday of the month from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at the St. Lawrence Catholic Church hall. New members are always welcome. The group seeks donations of cash, to help pay for expenses, and materials.

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