Greenville Police Department April Report


The Greenville Police Department April activity report showed officers handled one case of battery, responded to one residential burglary, and investigated one theft from a motor vehicle.

They worked three reports of the theft of items valued at less than $500.00, one retail theft, one forgery, and one report of criminal damage to property.

There were two offenses involving juveniles, five for possession or delivery of illegal drugs, and one for illegal possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor.

Officers issued citations to six uninsured motorists, four for driving under the influence, and one for illegal transportation of alcohol.

They wrote 12 citations for driver’s license infractions, 13 speeding tickets, and two for seat belt infractions.

Police made 45 traffic arrests and 21 criminal arrests.

Officers responded to ten traffic accidents, two with injuries.

Local fire districts had 82 calls in April.

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