Heroin Film

The documentary film, “The Heroin Project,” will be shown, free of charge, Saturday morning at the Globe Theatre in Greenville. The movie will begin at 10:00 a.m. with doors set to open at 9:30.

The screening is a project by the Prairie Counseling Center’s Women’s Empowerment Group, which consists of mental health and substance abuse clients at the center.

Veronica Schuster, mental health and substance abuse therapist at the center, said the group wanted to raise awareness about the heroin problem.

Schuster said the documentary was made about the heroin epidemic in Madison County, but the problem is spilling over into Bond and surrounding counties as well.

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Schuster said it’s easy to think heroin abuse is a problem that happens “someplace else”, but she said the use of the drug is growing exponentially in Bond County.

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Once again, “The Heroin Project” will be screened at the Globe Theatre in Greenville at 10 a.m. Saturday. There is no admission charge.