ISP Memorial Day Patrol


Illinois State Police are urging motorists to drive with more diligence this Memorial Day weekend. With traffic fatalities on the increase for the second year in a row, Troopers will be out in full force over the holiday weekend. District 18 Commander, Lieutenant Timothy Tyler, reminds motorists to drive safe and to avoid driving under the influence.

The number one factor in fatal crashes is Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs. Over the past few years ISP have removed well over 100 intoxicated drivers each year from Illinois roadways during the holiday weekend. This year, ISP will again focus on impaired drivers by using roadside safety checks and roving patrols. You can do your part to make travel safer this holiday weekend by designating a driver before going out.

According to Tyler, “We are seeing more fatalities and one way for us to fight the growing number in fatalities is to increase the number of troopers on patrol. Letting the motorists know before they go out that they will be seeing us on patrol is our first step. Since the motoring public knows we will be out on patrol, this gives them a chance well in advance to make the responsible decision of having a designated driver. The second step we will be taking is having our troopers patrol more aggressively. When intoxicated motorists take a chance of getting behind the wheel, many times the innocent motorists are the ones that have to pay the price with some type of injury, or even worse, death. One fatality is too many as ISP strives to drive zero fatalities to a reality. Each time we get an intoxicated driver off the road, the safer the roads become for everyone else.”