KC Students Creating Map App

KC Professor Bruce Fink with KC students Trey Holmes, Salem; Keegan Anderson, Hoyleton; Austin Brandmeyer, New Baden; Brooke Paulsmeyer, Centralia; James Waugh, Nashville; Kylee Kidd, Greenville; Spencer Bochantin, DuBois; Janette Speiser, Odin; Blake Spencer, Farina; Kristyn Nichols, Vandalia; and Andrea Markus, Aviston.

Kaskaskia College Anthropology 101 students and Professor Bruce Fink have been gathering data on handheld GPS units completing a map app for visitors and students to use for the College. KC is only the second college in Illinois to have such an app. The app should be available for students before the fall 2016 semester begins.

The Anthropology class has been working on integrating GIS into their class activities for the app which fulfills one of the goals of the National Science Foundation grant. Students of the class were given the choice of a personal project or class project involving GIS. The class project is mapping the major door(s) of each building on campus. The app will be available for download to a Smartphone to view routes and walking times around campus.

Another app is being designed which will include drive times/distances between the KC Education Centers and main campus.

This project gave the students a chance to use GIS technology in a practical way and to help future visitors to the campus. Many of the students are studying engineering. They used some of these skills in plotting coordinates for the maps. The GIS technology is important in mapping buildings, utilities, exits, landscaping, wiring, and water lines as well as many other applications. Kaskaskia College says information empowers us to be more efficient and GIS is a way of communicating information which more businesses are using.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Kaskaskia College
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