KidneyMobile At SJH Breese

With a goal of detecting diabetes and high blood pressure—the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois (NKFI) and HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital in Breese will host a visit by the KidneyMobile from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, June 30, at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Breese.

A variety of screenings including blood pressure, blood glucose, Body Mass Index (BMI), waist circumference, urinalysis and blood draw to check for creatinine and kidney function will be offered. A urine sample is required. Screenings are limited to those 18 years old and over; fasting is not required.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the results with a NKFI representative and will receive a printed copy for their healthcare provider. A Hispanic interpreter will also be available.

Attendance is limited and pre-registration is strongly recommended but walk-ins, who will receive the next available appointment, will be accommodated if possible.

According to the NKFI, many people are unaware they have diabetes and/or hypertension—although 70 percent of the CKD cases are the result of those conditions—and they face the risk of kidney disease if those conditions are not identified and managed through a treatment plan and lifestyle changes. Sixty percent of people diagnosed with kidney failure learn about it for the first time in the emergency room.

Since its introduction in 2005, the KidneyMobile has screened and educated more than 25,000 people for high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and signs of kidney disease. Of those, 74 percent had at least one result outside of the normal range with over 28 percent needing immediate referral for care.

For a KidneyMobile appointment (recommended), contact the St. Joseph’s Specialty Clinics office at 526-8585. For more information on CKD, diabetes, high blood pressure or the NKFI, contact (800) 8-KIDNEY or visit