Reading Success At Pocahontas Center

Principal Jason Rakers with top 4 AR Point earners Christopher Flagg (1387.1 pts.), Cole Knebel (562.1 pts.), Christian Lee (557.9 pts.), Cazdin Weber (552.6 pts.)

The students at Pocahontas Center completed another outstanding year of reading with the Accelerated Reader Program. By exceeding 21,000 AR points, the students made Mrs. Ellsworth into the much anticipated human ice cream sundae at the Friday, May 20 Field Day at Pocahontas Park. The students exceeded the 21,000 pt goal to make the human sundae and ended the year with 23,551.5 pts.

At an awards day ceremony on May 24, the top 10 students in the school (earned AR points) were recognized, along with the top 3 point earners in each class. Also recognized were those who reached their AR goals all 4 quarters, as well as those who passed all AR tests taken.

The top 10 students in the school by AR points earned were:

Christopher Flagg (1387.1 pts.), Cole Knebel (562.1 pts.), Christian Lee (557.9 pts.), Cazdin Weber (552.6 pts.), Isaiah Williams (451 pts.), Kaden Brink (414.6 pts.), Wesley Stoecklin (380.8 pts.), Sydnee Godier (377.7 pts.), Jaylynn Legault (364.4 pts.), Madison Hawley (360.2 pts.).

The students who reached the top 3 point positions in each class were:

Kindergarten: Melanie Mills (8.9 pts), Bentlie Siebert (8.5 pts), Chloe Brown (6.9 pts)

1st Grade: Wyatt Orender (164.4 pts), Allison Knebel (126.2 pts), Owen McEvers (88.9 pts.)

2nd Grade: Elyssa Haller (147.2 pts), Avery Hunter (134.5 pts), Fielden Stelmach (126.6 pts)

3rd Grade: Kylie Doll (184 pts), Tyler Caldieraro (153.3 pts), EmmaLeigh Wilfong (133.3 pts)

4th Grade: Delaney Stricker (180.5 pts), Jacob Sperandio (172.1 pts), Grace Sperandio (167.6 pts)

5th Grade: Christian Lee (557.9 pts), Isaiah Williams (451 pts), Kaden Brink (414.6 pts)

6th Grade: Christopher Flagg (1387.1), Cole Knebel (562.1 pts), Cazdin Weber (552.6 pts)

7th Grade: Olivia Berry (327 pts), Emma DeSherlia (283.4 pts), Sarah Hemann (235.6 pts)

8th Grade: Gage Links (262.9 pts), Trista Kinkel (216.3 pts), Phillip Reeves (157.4 pts)

Students reaching high point clubs during the 2015-2016 school year were:

1300 Pt Club: Christopher Flagg

500 Pt Club: Cole Knebel, Christian Lee, Cazdin Weber

400 Pt Club: Isaiah Williams, Kaden Brink

300 Pt Club: Wesley Stoecklin, Sydnee Godier, Jaylynn Legault, Madison Hawley, Olivia Berry, Logan M. Williams

200 Pt Club: Ava Curry, Emma DeSherlia, Gage Links, Chase Bellegante, Sarah Hemann, Jessica Nelson, Alissa Hunter, Trista Kinkel, Payge Hemken, Terrah Perry, Dakota Driemeyer

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Carol Ellsworth
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