Stowers Teacher Honor

Award winning Unit 2 teacher Lorna Stowers (left) and ShiAnne Shively, Chair, IEA Region 5.

Greenville High School English teacher Lorna Stowers was recently honored by the Illinois Education Association as an Outstanding Teacher. The award is for extraordinary commitment to her school, community, and the local union.

Stowers, who has taught at GHS for four years, was nominated for the award by fellow English teacher Sue Stone.

Stone had glowing comments about Stowers, noting that she is an amazing advocate for children. She said Stowers is happy and proud to be a teacher and promotes a kind and safe learning environment. Stone also said Mrs. Stowers has high standards and students know they can’t slack off in her classes, but they know that she truly cares for each of them.

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Before teaching in Bond County Community Unit 2, Stowers taught two years at South Central High School at Farina. She lives in Highland and is the political action co-chair for Region 5 of the Illinois Education Association.