Turley Award Program

The 23rd annual Greenville Chamber of Commerce Gerald Turley Award program was held Monday evening with this year’s recipient being the Greenville Bicentennial Committee.

Chamber Board President Michael Diaz presented the honor to Rex Catron, chairman of the Bicentennial Committee.

Diaz praised the work of committee members that led to an outstanding two-day celebration last Labor Day weekend and other events held during Greenville’s 200th birthday year.


He said the group worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to organize events that united the entire community.

Click below to hear his comments:

City Manager Dave Willey spoke at the program.


Kevin Kaegy gave a tribute to the late Lester Harnetiaux, who was a committee member.


Catron showed pictures of the Bicentennial events and talked about the committee and the events.


The 19 members of the committee were Catron, Harnetiaux, Willey, Bill Johnson, Gayle Wise, Jerry Moyer, John S. Coleman, John Goldsmith, Jenara Willman, Liz Kious, Allan Davis, Pat Kious, Liz Heinzmann, Randy Alderman, Ron and Judy Schroeter, Tom Kennedy, Alan Gaffner and Jeff Leidel.

Goldsmith was recognized as the person who visited the Greenville City Council in 2011 to initiate the idea of forming a committee to celebrate the city’s bicentennial in 2015.

Gerald Turley was a former mayor and leader in Greenville, who for many years was responsible for every major project in the city. Attending Monday’s program was Dawn Oldfield, daughter of Gerald Turley.