Board Of Adjustment Tables Issue


The Greenville Board of Adjustments met recently to consider an appeal by Don Rogier about the city’s code enforcement action against him regarding grass and/or hay on vacant parcels. The issue was tabled.

Rogier believes since he is baling the grass hay, it is an agriculture use permitted in that zone. He also told city officials the property is taxed as farmland, the fescue grown on the property is to be harvested for feed, and the property was grandfathered into the city as an agriculture use.

City Manager Dave Willey said the city believes grass hay, that is not a cultivated hay product, is not an agriculture use but is a convenience for the mowing process. City officials indicate the property is zoned residential estate.

Willey added it’s the city’s position that Rogier should mow between houses in a development along Ballyvaughn Court on the east side of the city.

At the recent hearing, Rogier presented testimony to the board and several neighbors had comments and questions about the situation. Answers to some of the questions require further research so the Board of Adjustments took no action and will meet again on June 28th at 6 p.m. This will also give board members a chance to visit the site.