Board Of Adjustments Acts On Three Matters

The Greenville Board of Adjustments met recently and took action on three matters. All motions were approved 4 to 0.

The board recommended a variance for David Durbin to construct a detached garage at 504 West Franklin Avenue and a variance for Kolin and Brianna Dothager to place a storage shed in their back yard at 1511 Ballyvaughn Court.

The city council will consider the recommendations at its July 12th meeting.

A hearing on an appeal filed by Don Rogier, regarding an alleged violation of the city ordinance for having tall grass and/or hay on vacant parcels, was continued.

The property is along Ballyvaughn Court.

After receiving additional testimony from Rogier and neighbors of the property, the board of adjustments passed a motion to withdraw the notice of violation because Rogier has had the grass or hay mowed and is currently in compliance with the city ordinance.

No other action was taken regarding Rogier’s appeal.

The board of adjustment had the final say on the appeal, and no city council action is necessary for withdrawal of the notice of violation to take effect.

The city ordinance prohibits grass taller than 10 inches.