City Water Meter Readings

The Greenville City Council recently voted unanimously to proceed with a proposal to read water meters using an automated system.

The addition of radio read transmitters will allow electronic capturing of meter readings.

City Manager Dave Willey told WGEL the city will likely read meters daily, looking for leaks and other problems. He said the system will result in better customer service and less lost water.

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The system, from HD Supply Waterworks, will cost the city $474,453, which will be paid out of the water fund. Willey said it should pay for itself in three to five years, with water savings and reduced personnel costs. The city has about 2,500 water meters.

The current water meter reader will continue to follow up on water matters, such as valve turn-ons and shut-offs, but will also spend more time working on public works projects.

Residents will still be billed monthly.

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