Brown On I-70 Patrol

Each day, WGEL reports in its newscast the number of traffic citations that have been issued by deputies on Interstate 70.

Bond County Sheriff Jeff Brown talked to WGEL about the program. He emphasized the patrol does not jeopardize law enforcement coverage in the county as the deputies that are on the interstate don’t come off regular county patrol and the interstate patrol pays for itself.

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The I-70 patrol officer can be pressed into service if an emergency situation arises in the county and his assistance is needed.

Sheriff Brown said there are several reasons for the interstate patrol including income. He said he’s not fond of using traffic citations for revenue, but the current financial climate necessitates it. Brown also noted that IDOT statistics show that accidents are down on that stretch of I-70 since the patrol started.

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Sheriff Brown said that by law, a certain amount of money from the tickets must be placed in a new car fund, and that helps the county from having to use general funds for vehicles.

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