DeMoulin Museum Shelves

John Goldsmith presents a certificate to Kendell Alexander

An Eagle Scout project is benefiting the DeMoulin Museum in downtown Greenville.

Kendell Alexander, son of Kent and Jennifer Alexander of Carlyle, completed the project over the weekend. He was assisted by his father, brother, Klayton, and sister, Kailyn.

Kendell Alexander with his dad and brother & sister
Kendell Alexander with his dad and brother & sister


Museum Curator John Goldsmith said the work is very much appreciated. He said the portable shelving units were installed in the museum’s second floor.

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The museum is located at 110 West Main Street in downtown Greenville.


Goldsmith said there is great potential for the second floor of the building. He would eventually like to see the area used for a meeting room and additional display space.

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Kendell Alexander was presented a certificate of appreciation by Goldsmith during a brief ceremony on July 2nd.