Frank Joy Retires From BNB

Frank Joy, with wife Nancy, was presented with a portrait on his retirement after more than 43 years of service at Bradford National Bank. The picture was a gift from Bass Mollett Publishers of Greenville.

After more than 43 years, Frank Joy has retired from Bradford National Bank. A reception in his honor was held on July 11th to commemorate the occasion.

Joy began his banking career in 1973, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Walter Joy and father Frank Joy, Sr. Over the years, he worked as a teller, bookkeeper and loan officer before being promoted to bank president in 1993, a position he held for 21 years. He was the bank’s 8th president in its long history. In February 2014, Joy stepped down as president, but remained the bank’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Doug Stroud succeeded Joy as president and assumed his duties as CEO effective July 1, 2016. Joy will retain his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

When Joy began his banking career, the bank had total assets of $23 million. During his career, the bank grew to $275 million.

Under Joy’s leadership, the bank opened its first branch outside of Bond County with the opening of the Marine, Illinois facility in 1998. In 2000, the Bradford Community Building was officially opened for public use. The following year, the main bank was remodeled to accommodate the rapid growth of the bank. In 2002, the bank opened a second Madison County branch with the construction of the Highland facility. In 2004, the bank acquired the First Bank facility in Marine and relocated the Marine branch to that new location. Under Joy’s stewardship, bank assets tripled.

At his retirement reception, Joy said, “I thank all of our current and retired employees for your dedication to our bank. It has been an honor to work with you, striving toward our common goal of making Bradford National Bank the very best bank we could be. I have always felt that my role as leader of the bank was one of stewardship, carrying on a tradition of community service, dating back to our founding in 1867. It is very rewarding to know that with our current leadership team the bank is in good hands, and our future is bright.”

Joy concluded, “Although I’m retired, I’ll still be an active supporter of the bank, working with the Board of Directors, and I’ll be very much involved in the planning for the bank’s 150th anniversary celebration in 2017.”

Joy’s wife of 44 years, Nancy was on hand for the reception as were their two children Jason and Alison and their four grandchildren.

Bradford National Bank president Doug Stroud, who introduced Joy at the retirement reception, said, “In addition to his leadership at Bradford National Bank, Frank has been involved in many organizations and events in Greenville.” He added, “Our bank is a better bank, and our community is a better community thanks to the leadership and forward thinking of Frank Joy. I can assure you that he never made a decision without weighing the effects of that decision upon Bradford’s employees, our customers, our communities, and our stockholders. Thank you, Frank, for your dedication and service to the bank and the communities we serve.”

Frank Joy Bradford National Bank Highlights:

1973: Started working at Bradford National Bank.

1978: Elected to the Bradford National Bank Board of Directors.

1993: Became president of Bradford National Bank.

1997: Launch of the Bradford Travel Club.

1998: Led the bank expansion to Marine in Madison County.

1999: Bank assets top $100 million. The bank offers the first Bradford National Bank college scholarship.

2000: Opened the Bradford Community Building.

2001: Remodeled the lobby and basement of the Main Bank in Greenville to accommodate the bank’s growth and expansion.

2002: Opened the Bradford National Bank branch in Highland.

2004: Relocated Marine branch to a new facility and renovated the main bank parking lot.

2007: Bank assets top $200 million.

2008: Elected Chairman of the Board of Directors.

2016: Bank assets top $275 million.

2017: Chairman of the Bradford National Bank Sesquicentennial