Health Department To Begin Narcan Program

The Bond County Board of Health has approved the policies for the Narcan program at the Prairie Counseling Center. Narcan is a medication that will be given to local police and first responders, to be administered in the event of an opiate drug overdose.

Michelle Miller, director of the Prairie Counseling Center, was a recent guest on WGEL’s Public Affairs program, and she told us Narcan is administered through the nose and works in three to five minutes, reversing the effects of an opiate overdose. She said it lasts for about 30-90 minutes and can save lives.

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Miller said the program will be rolled out in phases, starting with police and first responders, and eventually may be made available to the families of drug addicts.

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Miller stressed that Narcan isn’t a “cure all” for a drug overdose. It reverses the effects and buys time for emergency personnel to transport an overdose victim to a nearby hospital.