K-12 Funded For FY 2017

State Representative John Cavaletto, a member of the Elementary and Secondary Education Committee and the Appropriations Public Safety Committee, announced late Thursday that legislation was passed to fully fund K-12 education for Fiscal Year 17, ensuring that schools open on time and have the resources they need for the entire school year.

K-12 will receive $11.1 billion from General Revenue Funds, other state funds, and federal funds. The plan includes $75 million for early childhood education, and a new, statewide $250 million equity grant for the poorest school districts.

Cavaletto says the stopgap budget will ensure critical state operations and services continue through the end of this year, including items like higher education, human services, and prisons.

The legislation provides for a 6-month, ‘stop-gap’ allocation for other state services including the Illinois Department of Transportation, which will get money for roads, bridges, railway, and airports around the state. Nearly $1 billion will go towards universities and community colleges to be able to open for fall classes and take them through December, while work continues on a full budget to cover the remainder of FY17.

Cavaletto notes all other agencies are taken care of in part with this legislation: the Departments on Aging, Human Services, Health and Family Services, Public Health, Children & Family Services, Department of Natural Resources and Department of Corrections.

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