KPD Optimistic For Grant

Kingsbury Park District is optimistic that the new Illinois budget includes money for the Open Space Land Acquisition and Development Program (OSLAD).

Park District Director Jerry Sauerwein advised the park board Monday night he has received preliminary information that the OSLAD money should be included. He is waiting to receive confirmation.

The park district applied for the money and learned some would be forthcoming, then the state froze the awarding of grant funds. The new state budget was approved less than a month ago.

The district wants to use the funds to improve the swimming pool facilities.

It was reported that Lindsay Millikin has resigned as office manager for the park district. Sauerwein said applicants to fill the position will be sought in the near future.

Sauerwein advised a draft of an easement document has been presented to the City of Greenville, which will install a sidewalk along the baseball/softball fields on Dewey Street. That work can proceed, now that the summer season has ended.

District Attorney Jeff Mollet warned board members that governmental units continue to experience increased costs in insurance and in the future the district might have to levy more in the insurance fund.

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