More From City Council

At the July 12th meeting of the Greenville City Council, a new dump truck with a snow plow and spreader was purchased for the public works department.

The vehicle is being bought through the state purchase program for $71,356. It will replace two old trucks that have been used in the department. They will be sold on E-Bay.

The council had budgeted for the new truck.

A motion was approved to grant a special event liquor license to Bond County VFW to sell alcohol at the Bond County Fair August 4th through the 9th.

The council modified the ordinance regarding the salary of the tourism director. It now states the city will pay one-half of the salary and taxes for the individual working as the Chamber of Commerce executive director and tourism director.

A service agreement, to clean, inspect and calibrate specific equipment at the water plant was approved by the council with the Hach company. The agreement includes repairs and maintenance between quarterly inspections.

The cost is $5,333 for the agreement.

The council approved a motion for thermoplastic striping on streets being asphalted this summer.

In June, a contact was awarded to Rooters Asphalt of Beckemeyer for the asphalt work. The striping will cost $14,985 and will be done by Rooters.