Mulberry Grove Village Budget Approved

At their recent meeting, the Mulberry Grove Village Board considered the proposed budget. The Finance Committee met, reviewed the financial situation of the village, and proposed budget cuts to make up the short fall from last year. The committee proposed a balanced budget of $500,229.00 for fiscal year 2017. The board approved the budget as presented.

Due to an anticipated increase of about $900.00 per month for employee health insurance, the board explored other insurance carriers. Following a review of proposed premiums, the board approved a change to Blue Cross / Blue Shield for health insurance for the three village employees at a monthly premium of $2,624.46.

The board approved a request from the “Shake Rag” Bar & Grill for a reduced rate for a Package Liquor License. The normal package liquor license is $500.00 per year and the board agreed to $250.00 for the first year since the restaurant already has a liquor license.