New Logo As GC Prepares For New Name

In late 2014 Greenville College announced it was beginning a transition to becoming Greenville University, which would become official in 2017. As part of the transition, GC has unveiled a new logo.

The design depicts the entrance of the college’s Ruby E. Dare Library. Officials say the arches in the logo represent the doorway to knowledge on campus. There is a cross at the center of the logo that imitates the natural cross that forms in the window panes of the glass at the library’s entrance, representing the integration of faith and learning at Greenville College.

For now, the new logo says Greenville College, but will be changed to Greenville University when the name change takes effect.

New GU

The college says the new logo comes with renewed reflection on their identity, which they have chosen to be represented by the phrase, “TOGETHER: EMPOWERED FOR LIFE”.

New GC Slogan

Greenville College said in a press release, “TOGETHER. That’s how Greenville College does life. Students with students. Students with profs. Alumni and students. College and community. From the All College Hike to Homecoming to Graduation. From classroom to chapel. From playing field to concert hall. We are in this TOGETHER.

We learn TOGETHER. We worship TOGETHER. We serve TOGETHER. We share TOGETHER. We grow TOGETHER.

TOGETHER, we are empowered for life.”

Additional information on the rebranding of Greenville College is expected in the near future.

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