Sheriff Scam Alert


Bond County Sheriff Jeff Brown is warning area residents of a scam that has returned involving a caller asking for money because a family member needs it.

The sheriff said his department has recently received reports of such calls. He said the scam preys on seniors mostly. Callers frequently tell the recipient of the call that they are their grandchild and the grandparent needs to send money to get the caller out of jail. Additional people speak with the call recipient, posing as police officers and attorneys.

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Sheriff Brown said if you get the call, you should contact another family member to make sure that no one in the family is actually in need of help. Additionally, contact the Bond County Sheriff’s Department to make them aware.

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The sheriff urges residents to be extremely careful about sending money or giving personal information, such as Social Security or credit card numbers, to people you don’t know.

The sheriff’s department can be contacted at 664-2151.

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