Street Oiling In Greenville

Street oiling began Monday in Greenville.

Bill Grider, superintendent of Public Works, said about 92,000 square yards of roads will be oiled, covering 26 sections of streets.

A total of 27,555 gallons of oil will be used in addition to 1,148 ton of rock to cover the oil.




Grider said the city has a rotation and every four to five years, crews check streets in a particular section of town to see which ones need a new coat of oil.

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Grider said the oil is a preventative maintenance measure. The oil seals the road and keeps rainwater from entering through cracks in the surface. If that happens, the roads can break up in winter weather.

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Grider said the kind of oil being used requires that rock be applied quickly. He indicated a new machine is being used to spread the rock, doing the entire width of the road in one trip.

Three days were set aside to oil streets.