A Special Visit To Greenville

Aki and his wife were escorted in Greenville by Sandy Kleinik, and Suzie Cooper the wife of Aki’s best friend in college the late Rich Cooper.

Aki Tomita of Japan graduated from Greenville College in 1961. His last visit to his alma mater had been in 1968. This time he was accompanied by his wife of almost 50 years, Tomoko.

Aki attended Ripon College in Wisconsin his freshman year, but decided to transfer to another college. He said he was drawn to the fact that Greenville was a Christian college and he liked the city of Greenville.

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Aki has many stories about his days at G.C. including the generosity of the professors. He lived in the Embassy men’s dormitory.

On his recent visit, Aki met with Jerry Wall, who was his barber during college days. He and his wife also visited City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce, Greenville College and the DeMoulin Museum.

While Aki lives in his native country of Japan, he is well versed in American history and has good memories of the country.

When it was mentioned Aki knew the national anthem, he quickly broke out in song.

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He owns a United States flag and said he flies it on July 4th.

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