City Water Plant

Meeting in special session Thursday night, the Greenville City Council was given a water plant upgrade presentation, and voted to hire the firm of Clark Deitz to perform a preliminary engineering study on the plant.

The cost is $23,000, which will be covered with water funds.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey said the study will be done at a time when the plant is still operating well.

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The city manager said the engineering firm will do a complete plant review, checking on the equipment and gear that makes our water safe to drink, stores the water, allows the city to keep up with needs, and provide pressure for the system.

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Willey emphasized the quality of water produced at the plant is excellent.

A major decision facing the council will be whether to renovate the current plant or build a new one. A combination of new plant pieces and old renovation is also a possibility.

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The current plant, which treats water from Governor Bond Lake, was built in 1968 and was remodeled in 1992. The study should be done before the end of the year.

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