Lake Committee Talks Trestle

Governor Bond Lake

At the recent Lake Committee meeting, Greenville City Manager Dave Willey reported a problem has developed with persons jumping off the railroad trestle on the north end of Governor Bond Lake.

Willey said it is a safety concern because one doesn’t know what is lodged in the water under the trestle.

Committee members thought a sign could be posted to warn everyone.

Willey said it has been noticed there are many logs in the lake. A grappling hook has been obtained for the boat patrol officer to move logs.

The city manager said there have been 657 boat permits purchased this year to use the lake. This includes 508 in-county permits and 149 to out-of-county residents.

The lake patrol officer, Greg Riggins, has a random schedule for patrolling.

Willey said there have been a few times this summer when Illinois conservation police officers have patrolled Governor Bond Lake.