Personnel In Unit 2

(Front, L-R) Patti Maurer, high school family and consumer sciences teacher; Terry Swalley, Greenville Jr. High special education teacher; Elizabeth Kelley, kindergarten teacher at Greenville Elementary School; Kara Kinney, speech-language pathologist at Greenville Elementary School. (Back, L-R) Melissa McGuire, math teacher at Greenville Jr. High; William Shofner, high school Spanish teacher; School Board President Dr. Edmar Schreiber, Emilee Niemeier, speech-language pathologist at Greenville Elementary School.

The Bond County Unit 2 School Board took action on several personnel matters in their recent meeting.

Melissa McGuire was hired as a math teacher at the Greenville Jr. High School.

The retirement of David Massena as head custodian at Sorento School was accepted, effective August 10, 2018.

Resignations, effective immediately, include Amanda Langel as a custodian at Pocahontas School, Jennifer Semanisin as an aide, and Tracy McEvers as Pocahontas volleyball coach.

The board approved schedule changes at the high school. Dan Burns was given a half-period of resource study hall, Anne Burton was given two and one-half periods of resource study hall, Patti Maurer’s workload was adjusted to five periods of family and consumer sciences and one period of resource study hall.

Keith Kistler was hired as the high school boy’s golf coach and Keegan Nesch will be the assistant boys’ soccer coach at the high school.

The board approved the list of volunteer coaches.

They include Jason Pierce, Brock Friese and Parker Manhart for Greenville Jr. High baseball, Terry Swalley for Greenville Jr. High boys’ basketball, Frank Doll, Stan Pickett, Tom Broomfield, Arthur Kerle, Chad Nelson and Bart Calieraro for high school football; Pam Craig Carl Brannon and Jesse Shaw for high school girl’s tennis; Shane Sayler for high school boys’ soccer, Lauren Hahn and Molly Langham for high school volleyball, Doug Fletcher for high school boy’s golf, Anne Burton for high school girl’s golf, Amanda Simpson and Gayla Brauns for high school football cheerleading, Allyson Loucks and Gayla Brauns for high school basketball cheerleading, Gary Brauns and Kevin Jackson for high school boys’ basketball, Claire Schmitt, Alex Carie and Briana VanKleef for high school girls’ basketball, Paul Younker and Joe Alstat for high school baseball, and David Holden for high school track.

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