Breese Hospital Expansion

St. Joseph Hospital in Breese has an expansion project scheduled in the near future.

Paulette Evans, hospital president and CEO, told WGEL the expansion involves an outpatient surgery unit that will adjoin the hospital’s surgical department. It will house 22 beds, four of which will be used for IV therapy. The new facility will also offer additional comfort and privacy for patients.

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Evans said the hospital is responding to the desires of the public and physicians. She also said additional renovation will take place within the support sections of the Operating Room.

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The construction project has led to the temporary relocation of the helicopter landing pad, which will be in the east specialty clinic parking lot. The ER entrance has also been relocated, to the front of the hospital.

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The project, which has been in the planning stages for several years, is expected to take 12 to 13 months to complete, depending on the weather.

President and CEO Evans said once construction is completed, the helipad will be moved to the inside of the walking track and a new ambulance garage will be placed at the current helipad location.

SOURCEArtists rendering courtesy of HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital - Breese
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