City Salaries

At its September meeting, the Greenville City Council approved a new three-year contract with the Fraternal Order of Police and adopted a new salary schedule for non-union employees.

The police contract is retroactive to May 1 of this year and extends through April 30 of 2019. The pay increases are three percent for the first year, and two and one-half percent for each of the two remaining years.

City Manager Dave Willey said the three percent hike this year will cost the city about $15,000.

The city had to approve a new health insurance policy which will require police to pay 15 percent for the employees premium cost and 35 percent for dependents. They are the same percentages that other employees have already been paying.

While the salary increases for non-union employees vary, the overall increase is about two and one-half percent, or approximately $15,000. These employees include all department heads, secretaries, police sergeants, part-time police officers and dispatchers, the lake patrol officer and the custodian.

The salary motions were approved on a 4 to 0 vote of the council. Jes Adam was absent, having to leave after sitting in most of the executive session, during which the council talked about the contact and salaries.

Mayor Alan Gaffner said Councilman Adam indicated his support for the actions.

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