College Hike

The annual Greenville College all-school hike was held Tuesday.

Students, faculty members and administrators participated in the event, which started at the intersection of Elm Street and College Avenue and ended at Durley Campground.




Once at the campground, participants were involved in a chapel service, games, canoeing on Governor Bond Lake, and they were served lunch.

Norm Hall, senior advisor to the president on alumni relations and vice-president for international affairs, said the hike has a history possibly spanning more than 100 years.

He told us that all those years ago, someone from the kitchen staff enticed some young men to walk to Ramsey State Park to bring back hickory nuts that were used in food throughout the winter.

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Hall gave credit to student leaders at the college for planning the event.

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Some of those making the five and one-half mile trip ran or rode bicycles, while the majority of them walked.

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