County Audit

In their meeting Tuesday night, the Bond County Board received the county’s audit for the year ending November 30, 2015.

Representatives of Scheffel Boyle told board members the findings were being presented later than usual as the process was held up by a bank reconciliation problem in the treasurer’s office. The issue was identified as a check that was sent to a local taxing body in error, which was deposited by the taxing body. Once the error was identified, the check was reissued. Scheffel Boyle representatives said they advised the office to reconcile more frequently.

The auditors also advised the board of some concerns at the Bond County Health Department, including a financial loss in the department’s mental health services for the second year, and a financial loss in the dental clinic. High turnover and inaccurate accounts receivable were also highlighted. The county board of health previously approved health department expenses in a summary form once a month, but now has appointed a board member to visit the health department on a regular basis to review every bill.

Overall, the Scheffel Boyle representatives said the county’s general fund was down for the year, however revenues were up.

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