Mosquito Spraying

At the direction of the Greenville City Council, the city will begin spraying operations for mosquitoes.

Spraying had been suspended earlier this year in favor of using larvicide tablets to kill mosquito eggs before they hatch. The larvicide is placed in standing water.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey told WGEL it was the consensus of the Greenville City Council in their meeting Tuesday to continue the larvicide effort and to add spraying for mosquitoes. He said the spray works on mosquitos that are actively flying around and the larvicide kills mosquito larva before it hatches into mosquitoes.

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Willey said the city has been receiving more resident complaints lately about mosquitoes.

Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner said he wants the city to be aggressive and use the larvicide and spraying. He noted that mosquitoes are a public health issue.

The topic will be discussed by Public Works Director Bill Grider on Sunday’s WGEL public affairs program, following the noon news.

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