New Pocahontas Center Marquee Sign

Pictured above are the 2016-2017 students and staff of Pocahontas School, as well as special community members who were instrumental in making the new Pocahontas School marquee sign.

Everyone pictured would like to say “thank you” to the community who supported this project. The sign mounting began on August 22nd with the help of Golden Rule Signs Company and Bond County Unit 2 custodial and technology staff.

This picture was taken on Friday, September 9th.

The marquee project was led by the Pocahontas School PTO leadership and school administration. However, it was the numerous donors who truly made the sign possible. While students, parents, and friends of Pocahontas School were the biggest contributors through school fundraisers, the following donors gave over $100:

Radius Rods $1,000
Pocahontas American Legion $1,000
Erlinger Crane $300
Royal Neighbors/Karen Heilig $200
Mildred Nance $100

The Pocahontas students and staff say THANK YOU to all of their supporters!

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SOURCEPhoto courtesy of the Pocahontas Center
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