School Reading Challenge


Pocahontas School Principal Jason Rakers and Sorento School Principal Bill Carpenter have made a challenge for this year and the winner will be determined by the students.

It’s not a sports challenge, but has to do with reading.

Carpenter told us Accelerated Reader students from Pocahontas and Sorento will read as much as they can this year. Points will be tallied at the end of the year and the principal from the school with the least amount of points will do a cheer, in a cheerleader’s uniform, in front of the winning school.

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The Sorento said the students are excited about the challenge.

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According to Carpenter, the Accelerated Reader Program has been in the Unit 2 school district for many years. In the program, students take tests after reading a book. The student then receives points, based on their test results. Points are added up throughout the year for possible rewards.

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Both principals believe the challenge will be a positive incentive for the boys and girls to read.

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