Election Referendum


Illinois voters will weigh in on a proposed change to the state constitution in the election next month.

Pamphlets explaining the proposal have been sent to residents by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

The proposed amendment would provide that transportation revenues, generated from related taxes and fees, would have to be used exclusively for transportation-related purposes.

These would include administering transportation and vehicle laws, state or local shares needed to secure federal transportation funds, construction or improvement projects for roads and bridges, expenses related to workman’s compensation claims of state transportation employees and the purchase of land for construction of highways or buildings to be used by transportation departments.

Proponents of the amendment seek to end the state’s use of transportation revenues for something other than transportation purposes.

Opponents claim the amendment would place limits on the state to appropriate revenues for the general welfare of all citizens.

Voters are asked to mark yes or no on the proposed addition of section 11 to Article 9 of the Illinois Constitution.

The amendment needs a 60 percent majority vote to be passed.

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