September Animal Control Report

Bond County Animal Control Officer Jim Hess has released his office’s report for September.

There were 65 animal complaints last month; 26 from the county, 3 from Mulberry Grove, 1 from Keyesport, and 35 from within the Greenville city limits. 19 dogs were impounded; 13 from the county and 6 from Greenville. Of those dogs, 11 were released to owners; 5 county residents and 6 in Greenville. 28 cats were impounded; 17 from Greenville, 4 from the county, 4 from Keyesport, and 3 from Mulberry Grove. 2 were released to owners, both in Greenville.

2 animals from Mulberry Grove were released to the Bond County Humane Society. 1 Greenville animal and 1 county animal were released to other no-kill shelters. 5 animals, 2 from the county, 1 from Greenville, and 2 from Mulberry Grove, were adopted from the shelter.

3 county dogs were euthanized and 4 cats – 3 from Greenville, 1 from the county – were euthanized. 1 cat died from disease.

3 animal bites were recorded; 1 in the county, 1 in Greenville, and 1 in Pocahontas. And 1 wild animal complaint was received in September, concerning a squirrel in Pocahontas.

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