Unit 2 Negotiations


Committees of the school board and Greenville Education Association are scheduled to meet Tuesday with a federal mediator.

At the conclusion of Monday night’s school board meeting, Dr. Edmar Schreiber, board president and member of the board’s negotiating team, made a five-minute comment about the negotiations.

He referred to a GEA statement, placed on social media, which stated the two sides are far apart on salary, with the board proposing no step and lane movement for two years on the salary schedule.

Schreiber spoke to those at the meeting which included an estimated 35 Unit 2 teachers. He said the angst going through the district pains him a great deal. He said the board is working to allow everyone in the district to maintain an education position and to ensure that children receive an education and that teachers are fairly compensated.

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The GEA statement also said the board is proposing that the new contract exclude current language which provides that new or returning teachers be placed on the salary schedule based on their years of previous teaching experience. The association claims that is an illegal action, stating the old contract is based on state law.

Schreiber said the issue at hand was not illegal. He said it is a common practice in hundreds of other districts in the area and would benefit children in the district.

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After Schreiber’s comments, WGEL asked Ernie Oakley, head of the GEA negotiations team, if he wanted to make a statement. He said he would wait until after the mediation session.

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