4-H Achievement Awards

Bond County 4-H families gathered on October 22 for the Annual 4-H Achievement program to celebrate their awards from the 2015-2016 4-H year. Many of the awards are based on the completion of award application in the early fall.

Awards Presented Included:

Helping Hands Award-Dalton Knerrer

First Year Leaders- Katelyn Goodson, Josh St. Peters, Maggie St. Peters, Brian Ulmer

(All leaders were recognized and thanked for their years of service)

First Year 4-H Members- Ellie Albert, Charlie Baum, Alexis Caylor, Aaron Cook, Kylie Doll, Calleye Earnest, Anna Helmkamp, Kaleb Johnson, Zachary Meyer, Cohen Reavis, Chase Ruble, Mia Ruble, Logan Snow, Payten Suzuki, and Aubrey Wall.

Outstanding First Year Member-Ellie Albert

Five Year Members- Joely Craver, Hayley Gentry, Pheonix Johnson, Brady Lingley, Eva Payne, Brooke Tompkins, Riley Unterbrink, Trystan Watson and Morgan Wilderman.

Ten Year Members- Lauren Robison, and Brennan Woker

Completion Members- Kelly File, Cara Thiems, and Molly Thompson.

Club Awards

Progress Towards Goals-Liberty and Dreamcatchers

Standards of Excellence-Liberty

Secretary-Megan Miller from Trailblazers Club

Treasurer-Hannah Albert from Liberty

General Projects

Animal Science/Veterinary Science:

Receiving an award in the Animal Science/Vet Science project are: Hannah Albert, Callie Caylor, Ellie Albert, Megan Miller and Brooke Tompkins. Horse & Pony winners are: Joely Craver, Megan Miller, Hailey Bohn, Grace Sperandio, Jacob Sperandio, Leona Baum and Ashley Manning. Dogs winners are: Michaela Pruett, Joshua Pruett, Rebecca Pruett, Grace Sperandio and Joely Craver. Cat winner is: Megan Miller.

The overall winner in Animal Science for the junior division is Joely Craver. The overall senior division winner is Ashley Manning.

Natural Resources and Environment:

The overall junior winner in the Natural Resources and Environment category is Jack Wall.

Food and Nutrition and Health:

Receiving pins in Cooking are: Megan Fitzgerald and Lacey Beckert. Receiving an award in Health is: Haley Gentry.

Engineering & Technology:

Receiving pins in Woodworking are: Joely Craver, Holden Enloe, Colton Earnest, Jack Wall, Lauren Gentry and Austin Graves. Receiving an award in Electricity: Cole Wall. Receiving an award in Tractors is: Jack Wall. Receiving an award in Welding is: Colton Earnest.

The overall junior winner in the Engineering and Technology category is Holden Enloe. The overall senior winner is Cole Wall.

Home and Family:

Receiving pins in Sewing & Textiles are: Megan Fitzgerald and Callie Caylor. Receiving an award in Shopping in Style is: Callye Earnest. Receiving an award in Fashion Revue is: Callie Caylor.

The overall junior winner in the Home and Family category is Callye Earnest.

Personal Development:

Receiving a pin in Theatre Arts is: Lacey Hanratty. Photography: Lacey Hanratty and Hailey Bohn. Visual Arts: Megan Miller, Alexis Caylor and Joely Craver. Scrapbooking: Hailey Bohn and Kylie Doll. Cake Decorating: Kylie Doll. Public Presentations: Delainey Enloe, Megan Miller and Callie Caylor. Video/Filmmaking: Callie Caylor.

The overall junior winner in the Personal Development Category is Hailey Bohn. The overall senior winner is Delainey Enloe.
Plants & Soils:

Receiving an award in Vegetable Gardening is: Hailey Bohn. Receiving an award in Crops is: Hunter Clark.

The overall junior winner in the Plants and Soils category is Hailey Bohn.

Livestock Project Awards:


Receiving awards in Beef are: Grace Baum, Cole Wall, Ryan Lehn, Brianna Ulmer, Emily Ulmer and Dakota Driemeyer.

The overall winner in the junior division is Emily Ulmer and in the senior division is Brianna Ulmer.


Receiving awards in Poutry are: Grant Wilderman, Dawson Enloe, Megan Miller, Austin Graves, Leona Baum and Kylie Doll.

The overall junior winner is Grant Wilderman. The overall senior winner is Dawson Enloe.


Receiving awards in Swine are: Maggie Goodson, Chase Ruble, Mia Ruble, Brooke Smith, Logan Williams, Aidan Williams, Hailey Bohn, Jack Wall, Aubrey Wall, Brooke Tompkins, Emily Ulmer, Brianna Ulmer, Nicholas Hanratty, Lacey Hanratty, Dalton Knerrer, Kylea Vohlken and Ross Tompkins.

The overall junior winner is Emily Ulmer. The overall senior winner is Brianna Ulmer.


Receiving awards in Sheep are: Brady Lingley, Layne Lingley, Hayley Gentry, Emily Ulmer and Holden Enloe.

The overall junior winner is Emily Ulmer. The overall senior winner is Brady Lingley.


Receiving awards in Goats are: Callye Earnest, Lauren Gentry and Austin Graves.

The overall junior winner is Callye Earnest.


Receiving awards in Dairy are: Connor Hartmann, Braden Hartmann, Lauren Robison, Taylor Huels, Kaylie Huels, Ellie Albert, Brayden Huels and Hannah Albert.

The overall junior winner is Braden Hartmann and the overall senior winner is Lauren Robison.


Receiving awards in rabbits are: Leona Baum, Lauren Gentry, Hayley Gentry, Connor Hartmann, Braden Hartmann, Kylie Doll, Holden Enloe, Morgan WIlderman, Delainey Enloe and Grace Baum.

The overall junior winner is Holden Enloe and the overall senior winner is Delainey Enloe.

I Dare You Award-Delainey Enloe

Outstanding Member Award-Dawson Enloe

Alumni Award-Josh St. Peters

Friend of 4-H Award-Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc.


Ken Kennedy Memorial Scholarship ($500)-Ashley Manning

Allison Langham Memorial Scholarship ($500)-Dawson Enloe

Parr Family 4-H Scholarship ($2,500 each)-Kylea Vohlken, Lucas Langham, Dalton Kiselewski, and Megan Kiselewski.

Following the awards, a few 4-H members were asked to share some of their special 4-H experiences from last year. Callie Caylor talked about going on the Discover Chicago Trip. Megan Miller, Joely Craver and Dawson Enloe talked about going to 4-H camp and Jade Koertge and Delainey Enloe talked about attending the Illini Summer Academies.

4-H clubs in Bond County are getting re-organized for the current 4-H year. If you are interested in more information about getting a child enrolled in 4-H, or about starting a 4-H club, contact Vicki Enloe at the U of I Extension Office in Greenville. 618-664-3665.

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