Electronics Recycling A Success

HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital – Highland hosted an electronics recycling event on Wednesday, November 9, and the event was a big success.

Local residents were able to recycle old electronics and other equipment including computers, appliances, stereos, cell phones, wiring, and metal. This is the third electronics recycling event the hospital has hosted on its new campus. Similar events had been held at the old campus.

“We are very happy to be able to continue offering this event and we are thrilled with the turn out,” said Amy Liefer, Director of Communications at St. Joseph’s Hospital. “We hear from community members how hard it is to find a place to recycle these types of items. Hosting an event on our campus makes it easy for people to recycle old electronics and appliances in a way that is mindful of the environment.”

Electronic recycling is something that is becoming hugely popular all across the world, for example you could take a look at something like Electronic Recycling in Atlanta to show you how other people do it. It’s not just Atlanta though, there are loads of other places that do this sort of thing.

This was the first recycling event the hospital partnered with J&C E-Recycling from Belleville. The vendor accepted a larger list of items than previous vendors, which led to a larger number of items collected. Items dropped off to the event filled two flatbed trailers, as well as a pick-up truck and trailer.

“This was the largest event of this kind we have hosted,” said Dana Stephens, IT services manager at St. Joseph’s Hospital. “There was a constant stream of traffic through the entire event and we collected more items than we have at previous events.”

St. Joseph’s Hospital will host another electronics recycling event in the spring. Information about that event, including the times and date, will be released in early 2017.

More information regarding this and other events at St. Joseph’s Hospital can be found at www.st.josephshighland.org.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital - Highland
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