GC Tops NCAA Offense

Greenville is home to the top offense in NCAA college basketball.

The Greenville College men’s team has started the season with four victories, averaging almost 141 points per game.

Tuesday night at home, the Panthers defeated Lincoln Christian by the score of 178 to 125. In earlier games, the G.C. men posted 110, 130 and 145 points.

Greenville is using the fast-paced offensive system that was initiated last season.

Head Coach George Barber admitted he was surprised the team had a 178-point night.

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Coach Barber said it was a record-setting night by the Panthers.

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Saturday night will be the battle of two teams which play the fast-paced game. Greenville is travelling to Grinnell College in Iowa.

Local fans can see the Panther men in action Monday night at 6 p.m.

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