GHS Chili Cook Off

Grand Champion Chili Cook Off Team members Dawson Chestnut, Drew Frey, Noah Walker, and Caine Ashlock

Food class students at Greenville High School participated in the first ever Chili Cook Off between classes last week.

In a blind judging, chilis were scored according to five criteria; color, aroma, consistency, taste, and after-taste on a scale of 1-10.

The first hour winning chili team consisted of Cain Ashlock, Drew Frey, Dawson Chestnut and Noah Walker.

The third hour winning chili team members were Hannah Bunker, Cody Heckman, Kayla Lemonds and Cadie Neely

Sixth hour winning chili team members included Samantha Cooley, Cortney Grey, Justine Joiner, and Taylor Hoffman

The three class winners were then entered into the Grand Champion Judging based on the same criteria. Judges chose the first hour team as the Grand Champion Chili Makers.








Judges included GHS staff and faculty Stacy Turner, Roberta Zbinden, Mary Stice, Jason Pearce, Lorna Stowers, and Sue Stone; Unit 2 School Board members Jay Young and Greg Zykan; Dr. Philip Siefken, Julie Green, and Jenifer Bryant of Greenville Family Medicine; Unit 2 District Office staff Emily Laesch, Jennifer Mitchen, Dena Petroline, Pam Tompkins, and Superintendent Wes Olsen; Bill Walker and Kami Suess, representing the City of Greenville, Larry Deiters of NACO/Kahuna’s, and WGEL’s Joe Doll.

43 staff, faculty and students voted on the People’s Choice Award and the winning chili was submitted by team members Kloey Marshal, Maddey Tebbe, Tarren Hogue and Bailey Sidwell.

Click below to hear Joe Doll talk with Food Class teacher Patti Mauer about the competition:

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