GHS Veterans Assembly

Jerry Wall addresses those gathered at the Greenville High School Veterans Day program

Sgt. Jerry Wall, a 1996 graduate of Greenville High School, spent nearly 13 years in the Illinois Army National Guard and was deployed three times in the United States, Iraq and Afghanistan. He was the guest speaker last Friday at the Greenville High School Veterans Day program.

Sgt. Wall expressed gratitude to his family members for their sacrifices while he was deployed. He said the families of deployed soldiers rarely if ever receive the recognition they deserve. He said when one spouse is deployed, the spouse left back at home has to fill all roles.

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Wall noted how fast his oldest son, Camden, had to grow up as the man of the house because his father was gone.

Camden, a senior at GHS, introduced his dad and talked about times when his father was deployed. He said his life has been directly affected by the military for as long as he can remember. He said he kept in touch with his dad via Skype and spent a lot of time praying. He shared a special memory about the time his dad surprised him by showing up at Camden’s fifth grade Junior Comets football practice.

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