Greenville Water Meter System

Work is underway in Greenville to install radio transmitters on water meters as part of the new automated radio read system.

City Manager Dave Willey said a radio transmitter will be attached to every meter.


A receiver will be installed, most likely on top of the water tower on Beaumont. This will allow the city to read meters without visiting them in person. Willey said meters will be read weekly, which will help in quickly identifying leaks.

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The city has been using the touch wand method to read meters. For those citizens with the radio transmitter already installed, the meters will still be read by an employee driving by, according to Willey.

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When all meters have a radio transmitter, the meters will be monitored at city hall with no need for an employee to visit them. The system will alert the city about any problems at a meter.

The system is costing the city $474,453, which is being purchased with money from the water fund.

Willey said the system should pay for itself in three to five years with water savings and reduced personnel costs.

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