MG Board Welcomes New Member

The Mulberry Grove Village Board met Monday and welcomed new member Dave Koonce. Dave was appointed to the board to fill the unexpired term of Mary Carter who resigned in October. Koonce took the oath of office and was seated.

Board member Brian Cook was nominated for the position of Mayor Pro Temp. He was elected unanimously and will chair board meetings in the absence of the mayor.

The board decided to continue liability and property insurance for 2017 with the current carrier, Illinois Municipal League. The company has a lower deductible than other companies submitting bids and the annual premium may be paid in installments rather than one payment. The annual premium is approximately $22,000.00.

Lightning damaged several electrical items in the village hall October 19. Phones, printers, a calculator, copier, siren, water meter, and an instrument that measures water flow were damaged. Items are being replaced or repaired and the cost reported to the insurance company.

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