Oestreich Retiring

Anna Oestreich

The head of the Bond County Senior Center will be leaving soon.

After 34 years as the executive director of the Bond County Senior Center, Anna Oestreich is retiring.

She submitted her retirement letter to the Senior Center Board last Thursday and it was accepted.

Oestreich told WGEL she will work through the end of December. Jill Jones will become the acting director in January. A transition team, which includes staff members, has been formed. Oestreich notes that nothing will change as far as services to the public. She said it is important to her and the board to have as smooth a transition as possible.

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Oestreich is only the second person in the 40-year history of the Bond County Senior Center to be executive director. She also oversees Bond County Transit and the Bond County Food Pantry.

The first director was Lena Trexler.

Acting Director Jill Jones, who lives in northern Bond County, is the center’s financial officer. She has been there six years.

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